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$29,000 Buy 


$1500 per month rent 

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This 2022 used food truck trailer is a remarkable find for any aspiring food entrepreneur. Equipped with a range of essential features, it offers a turnkey solution for culinary ventures on wheels. The trailer boasts a powerful generator, ensuring you have a reliable source of electricity wherever you go, while the built-in AC guarantees a comfortable working environment in all weather conditions. The inclusion of grills, a vent hood, fridge, oven, a three-bay sink, and fire suppression system makes this trailer a complete mobile kitchen, ready to serve a wide variety of dishes. Whether you're grilling up mouthwatering burgers, baking fresh pastries, or whipping up gourmet cuisine, this food truck has everything you need to get started and make a lasting impression in the food industry. Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your culinary dreams on the road.

Unit #2 2022 Food truck for Sale or Rent

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