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largest food truck network


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We are happy to provide you with a system that gives you the opportunity to create your food truck profile, upload your menu, and also allows you to book directly from our database. 

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to host food trucks

TRUKADO will manage the location. This includes washroom facilities, set up for plumbing & electrical, waste management, as well as helping with your vendor permits. We do the work, and you get paid.

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Property Owners

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Whether you’re catering for your next birthday, wedding or family gathering, or booking the hottest new event, food trucks will be able to search and apply to your event. You will have all the relevant truck information, including menus, pricing, and social media. We take the guesswork out of the food truck business.

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Why Trukado?
We're the best at what we do

We at TRUKADO have taken the FOOD TRUCK BUSINESS to the next level!


We want to bring everyone together on one platform to allow truck operators and property owners and events to connect directly on an easy-to-use website. Whether you’re looking for a location for your truck or you have property to rent, TRUKADO is the answer.

We are in the game of doing, and what we do is connect FOOD TRUCKS, PROPERTIES, EVENTS and getting your for truck built and making you income!

Sign up gives you access to some of the most amazing food trucks, properties and events on the continent.


Taking the food truck business to another level!


Our platform was created to bring together food trucks with property owners, events and food truck builders so everyone gets what they need.


·    Food trucks need locations and events to thrive!


·    We help property owners make up to an additional $10,000+ per month by utilizing extra space on their property, with no additional effort required. We manage, you get paid. 


·    Events need access to various food options to satisfy event goers.



In the heart of midtown the food truck movement is rocking with over 20 properties housing some amazing creative food incarnations. 


NEW Properties

We have just completed setup of our Fort Lauderdale Lot. We have outfit this location with a beer and wine bar and already have 6 amazing food trucks 

on this lot. Message us for a time to view the location. We have also decided to open our new location just down the street from this one with an amazing game and tiki bar theme. Message us for details. 


NEW Events



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